What is a Certified Refurbished electronic?

Certified Refurbished electronics sold on NOWish.com are:

  • fully functional pre-owned devices
  • cleared for activation (cellular devices)
  • restored to factory settings
  • physically cleaned and graded by cosmetic condition (see our grades below)
  • paired with quality compatible accessories
  • backed by our 90-day warranty with free returns


How are Certified Refurbished electronics tested?

All iOS (Apple) and Android (Google, Samsung, LG, Motorola ...) devices are tested with PhoneCheck professional diagnostics software. This process tests all software and hardware functions, activation status with respective wireless carriers, and erases old user data by restoring to factory settings. 

All other types of electronics are tested manually by trained Chicago technicians. 


Why should I purchase Certified Refurbished?

It's the Green choice, for you wallet and for our planet! These units come with significant cost savings while still being backed by warranty. Furthermore, the best way to recycle is to reuse. Adopting an old electronic saves immense natural resources and reduces electronics waste.


How do Certified Refurbished electronics look like?

We pick the best looking electronics and split them in the following three cosmetic grades:

  • Grade A Mint condition. Contains extremely minor wear, or none at all.
  • Grade B+ Excellent condition. Contains minor wear, mostly on body.
  • Grade B- Moderate condition. Contains average wear overall, such as scratches and scuffs.